"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration."  -Ansel Adams

I believe the world is a beautiful place, and the people living in it are even more beautiful. I believe stories are the backbone of our lives. Without stories, we as individuals no longer exist. Photographs are silent stories that live on for generations. I believe that natural and classic photographs will last for generations. These will be the photographs your future generations will hold and share with their future generations. I believe in the art of photography because life is art. Photographs capture moments never once to be lived again. The emotion and existence in each photograph is art.

I believe in the romances like Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, of Lorelei and Luke, of Jim and Pam, of Lesley and Ben, of Claire and Jaime Frasier, and of Marilyn and Edward Schweizer (my parents). These romances are messy and beautiful. They show growth, respect, love, strength, and time. These are love stories that are fun and pure. They're the type of romances where one person fits because of the other, but each person has their own identity. Romances where worlds are shared together and enjoyed together.

I believe in being true to yourself; self love, treating your body and environment right, surrounding yourself with those that will love and support you.