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Hello, Gorgeous!


You my dear, are AWESOME! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I am Lynsey. I am adventurous in a "let's see what's this way" kind of way because I am not one to stay on the main path. I will always find a new corner to turn, road to explore, and angle to examine. I love that light makes every location different and I love to figure out the beauty in those differences. I am natural in a walking barefoot through the grass kind of way because I've never been a fan of shoes. Nature is beautiful. I can never get enough out of it. Walking through this world barefoot is my way of taking it all in. The grass through your toes, your feet sinking in the sand, that small pebble that landed just perfectly in your heel. To me, it's all of nature coming together and working to create beauty. Shoes are great, but when I have the chance I will take them off! I'm romantic in an Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy kind of romance because I'm not an open book. Love didn't come easy to me until it did. Confusing? Tell me about it! It took me a while to love myself, then I was stubborn, and then I was surprised by love from the one man that has never pushed me away, even when I pushed him away (hence the stubborn). Now I see love in the secret hand touches, the look shared for those extra seconds, the giggles that come even though no words were spoken, and the respect that can be felt even through my camera lens. I'm classic in a black and white type of way because I've never been one to follow trends. Never. If I got on the bandwagon, it was the caboose and miles later. I've always been simple but quirky. I loved my things regardless of who loved them back!

"In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration."  -Ansel Adams

I believe the world is a beautiful place, and the people living in it are even more beautiful. I believe stories are the backbone of our lives. Without stories, we as individuals no longer exist. Photographs are silent stories that live on for generations. I believe that natural and classic photographs will last for generations. These will be the photographs your future generations will hold and share with their future generations. I believe in the art of photography because life is art. Photographs capture moments never once to be lived again. The emotion and existence in each photograph is art.

I believe in the romances like Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, of Lorelei and Luke, of Jim and Pam, of Lesley and Ben, of Claire and Jaime Frasier, and of Marilyn and Edward Schweizer (my parents). These romances are messy and beautiful. They show growth, respect, love, strength, and time. These are love stories that are fun and pure. They're the type of romances where one person fits because of the other, but can exist separately. Romances where worlds are shared together and enjoyed together. The hard comes before the good and vice versa. But the love is always there. I believe in families of all sizes because I do not know where I would be without mine. Families that trust and love, are true and natural, are crazy but beautiful. I believe that weddings should be intimate, regardless of the size. The love should be felt by all. I also believe in weddings being unique to the couple. I love the start of new traditions, or traditions carried on through the family, but pieces of the couple in every aspect of their day. Every wedding is unique because no other wedding has you two as the stars. I believe your wedding should express who you are as a couple, regardless of the norm.

I believe in traveling. Whether it's your own city, state, country, or exploring the world, I believe that new experiences open your soul. Traveling is in my blood because I was raised doing it. I can only go so long without having to explore a new area or go visit my sister in Washington. Or my other sister in England! If I have a good excuse, no matter how small, I will use it to go to a new place! I believe in laughing, not at others but with others. Laughing, giggling, a good chuckle. All of it. Let's do it all! I believe in being true to yourself; self love, treating your body and environment right, surrounding yourself with those that will love and support you. I believe that history is timeless and is ultimately my inspiration. I let historical buildings and locations guide my sessions. History speaks to my heart and I just can't ignore it! There is something to be said about a classic pose in an old black and white photo. The emotion and details captured is exhilarating! I believe that black and white pictures are more than just a classic touch. They are the true dramatic moment where time stops and is captured. I absolutely believe in going outside the lines. Every session will be different than the last in one way or another. I've always liked the underdog, or went outside of trends. I believe in supporting local businesses but will admit that I am a Maxxinista when need be! I love exploring boutique shops and findings treasures created in the area that I am in. I love being apart of their adventure and having something they worked so hard on!

"Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." -Dr. Seuss

Now to you! If you have agreed or related to anything I said above, then we must chat! You love adventure. You want photographs that represent memories unique to you. You find pleasure in the tiny details and smile at color. The great outdoors welcomes you with open arms and you feel like you're home. You also feel comfortable exploring the city streets. Whether it's the tall, city buildings or the mountains carved from our Earth, you appreciate all this world has to offer. You seize every opportunity for a great shot and will venture through the woods to find it. How do I know this? Because we're about to be best friends!