More about Lynsey


I'm so honored for you to have you visit my site. It means so very much. Here is some more about me!

I have 2 cats. They are exhausting, make me laugh, make me frustrated, hate each other, love each other, and drive me nuts. But I love them. Lilly, the tabby, I rescued from an animal shelter in Kalamazoo, Mi in the end of 2005. She has lived with me in all of my homes and has been by my side through everything. She's sassy, talks back to me, is loving, and the boss of the house. She knows what she wants and I love that about her. Felix the cat is black and white with a mustache. He is technically rescued and has a very loving heart. But he is not a smart one! He has a good soul and trusts all BUT he is not smart! But I love him!


In 2008 I backpacked Europe by MYSELF! It was the best experience and I learned so much about myself. I Couchsurfed, which means I stayed with people I met online. Call me crazy but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I learned more about the cities and their cultures because of this decision. I traveled through 6 countries in three and a half weeks. I met so many people and slept in some crazy spots. One night, I stayed the night in a London train station and buddied up with a Welsh woman. We slept in a booth at a Japanese restaurant in the train station. She was wonderful! I also so the most amazing sunrise while the ferry I was on was heading towards Dublin. All of the people I met, the food I tried, the places I saw, the things I've smelled, and the people I avoided were everything to me on that trip. It was such a turning point in my life!


Just last year at the end of 2015, I started focusing on my health. It was the hardest and easiest decision of my life. I found a group of supportive people that were on my side during this journey. Since Dec. 1st, 2015, I have lost over 20 total inches and went down 2-3 pants sizes. Not to mention, I wear mediums now! It has been forever since I have worn mediums! I am not done with my journey but this has been a big part of my life.

I ran races!! 

I ran races!! 

May of 2016 was a hard month. We found out my grandmother had pancreatic cancer. We found out right around Mother's Day, which we celebrated in the hospital. May, June, and July were some of the hardest months that I have had as an adult. I felt that my health journey led me to a place where I could get my grandmother to a place which would get her better. She had surgery in June to have the cancer removed and made it out of the surgery. Unfortunately, it was a hard battle for her post surgery. We ended up saying good-bye at one of our usual pizza and wine parties, but this one was spent in the hospital. It also ended in tears. Her passing was very unexpected but pushed me to achieve the things I wanted in life. This website is included in that. I looked for her approval in everything I did. I know with the launch of this website, she would have taken my face in her heads and given me a kiss on the forehead. She was a beautiful and classy lady to whom I dedicate this website to. She is missed every day.


I am a person that believes that I do best from learning from my mistakes. I need to see the world and meet new people. I read and watch anything and everything. I play pub trivia and LOVE it! Learning is what makes me grow and I love to learn everything. Exploring and adventures make me happy. And any little new experience is an adventure for me.