Michigan Horse Photo Shoot

horse photo shoot

Ever since I was young, I loved horses. Everything about them. Their beauty. How majestic they are. Wanting to own one. There was just something about horses. Every book that I read about them, I wanted to be apart of them. I learned all of the types. I even went to a Dude Ranch a couple times and wanted to live the life of the wranglers there. I've tried Western and English and loved both (but prefer Western riding). Every time that I see a horse, I get excited. 

When this session said that they wanted to do the shoot with horses, I was 100% all in. I was giddy the whole time. It was amazing. There were two different horses that we shot with and they were both beautiful. Of course, my human subject was also beautiful. 

Have you noticed what the beautiful girl to the left is wearing? This is an authentic Mexican cowgirl outfit. They told me all about it. It was sent to her by her grandfather who resides in Mexico. It's similar to what female Mariachi players would also wear. The gold details were to die for!

Mexican cowgirl dress
Mexican dress
Mariachi dress

And now... more of this beautiful girl... and more horses!