Detroit is for Grads!

detroit grad.jpg

I am obsessed with high school graduates that want to get their pictures taken in Downtown Detroit... or  the Metro Detroit area! There are so many unique locations to choose from to make your graduation pictures amazing. This guy trusted me with all the location spots, and let me tell you, we found some awesome ones!!! Go on the adventure with us and tell me how you like them!!

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LLPDetroit grad 2.jpg

I love Detroit for soooo many reasons!! This spot is one of them!! *Insert heart eye emoji!!*

LLP Detroit grad.jpg
LLP Detroit grad 5.jpg
LLP Detroit grad6.jpg

One of my favorite locations in all of Detroit!!!

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LLP Detroit grad 8.jpg
LLP Detroit grad 9.jpg

I've known this graduate since he was a teeny, tiny baby. I also took his sister's graduation pictures. It was a honor to be a special part of this family's memories! He's such an adult now and I can't take it!!! But there's still more to see!!

LLP Detroit grad 10.jpg
LLP Detroit grad 11.jpg
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LLP Detroit grad 14.jpg
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Ready to create some awesomeness for your Senior Year?!?!? Detroit is a great option for Senior year graduation pictures. Click to learn more about my grad sessions!

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