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Why I Love Prints!

In the age that we live in, it's so easy to get a picture. We have cameras on our cell phones that we can instantly share with the world. The problem with this is that pictures tend to be stored on the computer or our phone. Sometimes they get lost forever when hard drives crash or cell phones get damaged. The Cloud is useful to store images in this situation but again we have it where the images are just being stored.

Those special moments need to be seen and not stored. Pictures deserve to be printed. They need to be on walls, or on tables so when you walk by, you get that special feeling of that memory. Or in albums so when you are feeling nostalgic, you can turn the pages and relive these sacred moments. These prints do not even have to be professional prints. I have prints on my walls of my trips. Every time I look at these prints, I get a wave of memories that will forever keep the trip alive.

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Tracey and Victor

I started my business only months ago but shot this wedding almost a year ago. I'm late to the blogging game but this couple deserves a blog post. They were my unofficial first couple under my unofficial business. I had not yet started my business when I shot their wedding, but I knew that their wedding launched something I was hiding from myself for a while. Their wedding day proved that I wanted, and needed, to capture more amazing couples like them. 

I've known Vic since high school. He has always been a wonderful friend and a great person to be around. He is a fellow cat lover and a huge fan of my Christmas Cards from about a decade ago. When he asked me to do their wedding, I knew I couldn't pass it up. I met Tracey on her wedding day. This can be both stressful for the bride and the photographer. It was the exact opposite. She trusted me with everything and was such an amazing bride to be around. Despite the rain, this couple took everything in stride. The love between them is undeniable, not to mention the love that surrounded them by their friends and family. Here is their rustic wedding, with details of cats and horses, sunflowers, burlap and lace. 

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