A New Crazy Together Adventure


It's always a special thing to be apart of the new adventures in a person's life! A lot of times, it's for a person's wedding that I'm introduced into their adventures. Other times, it's through connections. I met this wonderful couple through a local group of creatives. I started following them on Instagram and then met them at a meeting, where they were discussing financing. Who are 'they' you ask? They are Rob and Maria! 

Rob and Maria run a successful lifestyle blog called Crazy Together. They describe themselves as a nerd and a perfectionist that fell in love. I first knew them as a couple that got out of their financial troubles with hard work and patience. They shared their tips and successes with the masses, and the masses approved! Maria is also a lover of fashion and shares all her awesome fashion finds! Then they got pregnant! They started sharing their money and fashion tips with regards to pregnancy and expecting a baby. You experienced it as they experienced it! This couple is down to earth and now has a beautiful baby to share their blog life with!

How do I fit into their world you may be asking yourself?!? I got to know Maria at a meeting of that local group I mentioned before. She reached out about taking lifestyle maternity pictures in their home. I just couldn't resist. And I'm so glad that I said yes. I loved Maria's dress (and ended up buying a couple of my own from Wren and Ivory!!) Take a look at some of my faves from their shoot!


Gorgeous right?!? I was so excited after I left there! They were so wonderful and her dress (insert all the heart eye emoji's!). So you couldn't imagine how excited I was when they contacted me about doing their lifestyle newborn pictures. 1000 times yes! 

Meet little Dessa!!


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