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The Champion is here!

It's always such a pleasure to be apart of your friends' lives. For them to ask you to capture a new and exciting part of their lives is such a honor. This couple is one of my favorites! From their Detroit maternity session to their in house newborn session, it's been wonderful to see their family grow. Our friendship circle has included pub trivia, vintage baseball, and a shared WMU vs CMU rivalry. This couple loves to laugh and I love to capture their love! Now it's your turn to take a look at this great little family from maternity to the arrival of their little champion! 

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A New Crazy Together Adventure

It's always a special thing to be apart of the new adventures in a person's life! A lot of times, it's for a person's wedding that I'm introduced into their adventures. Other times, it's through connections. I met this wonderful couple through a local group of creatives. I started following them on Instagram and then met them at a meeting, where they were discussing financing. Who are 'they' you ask? They are Rob and Maria! 

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T-Rex Themed Tea Party

You guys! This right here is why I love my clients!!! I love portrait sessions that are unique to my clients and speak to who they truly are. There is nothing more lifestyle than this session right here. This little princess is having a tea party with her friends, the T-Rex's. Her pink and floral dress is accompanied by her gold, sparkly tiara.... and two pre-historic monsters! I LOVE it! Her majesty celebrated her third birthday as any little girl should... as herself! Here are a few more from this adorable and amazing session. 

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Princess Mia is here!!

Princess Mia is a little dream. She is the beautiful baby to her beautiful momma. I can't wait to see these two take on the world with their adventures. These beautiful ladies were a dream to spend the day with. Mia slept the whole time, gave us some smiles, and let us put anything on her. Her four-legged siblings stayed close and checked in on her every so often. This little girl is surrounded by love, in every way, shape, and form <3

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Whimsical Maternity Downtown Detroit

It's no secret that I love taking pictures in Downtown Detroit. I love the city  and all the different aspects it brings to pictures. Detroit is unique in the sense that her people care for her deeply. A city that was once rooted in family farms, the lumber business, then the car industry, and lastly sports. She struggled for a while but the gardens are back, as well as the cars, and the sports are booming. 

This momma to be is a lover of the city as well. She was all for finding all the crazy spots. January in Detroit was no problem for her. She rocked this skirt and her belly! This momma added whimsy to this city and I can't wait for you to see how! 

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